Saturday, September 12, 2009

Long time no blog!

I know it has been over a month since my last post. I have been slacking big time!! It just has been crazy with the wedding, the short two weeks Jonathan was home, school, and volleyball. It is no excuse I know.

Well the wedding was great and the day flew by. I wish I could go back to that day so badly. I have gotten some of the photos printed out and put in two large photo albums. I only printed out 600 of the pictures but there were plenty more!! These are a few of my favorite down at the bottom. Anyways, the day went off well despite a couple musical mishaps. I got hitched to the man of my dreams and couldn't be happier about it.

My husband and I decided on Sunday to go to Six Flags since we aren't going on a real honeymoon until later when it will be easier to get time off and such. We decided we needed to do something fun after we got married. We slept until we woke up at the beautiful Ashford Manor where we spent our wedding night. We went and just had fun riding roller coasters and spending time together.

I had to go back to work that week but Jonathan came and visited my kids at school and met my volleyball team and stayed for our practice. I took Thursday and Friday off. Thursday we had some important errands to run all over the place. Friday afternoon we left for Jacksonville where I had to take Jonathan. We got there okay without much trouble. We checked into our hotel and walked into a room where the bed was unmade, used towels on the bathroom floor, and old coffee in the coffee maker. So quite obviously, we walked right back out and asked for another room. Luckily it was not much trouble for her to give us another room that was actually clean. We went shopping becaues Jonathan wanted a Georgia hat to take down to Cuba with him so we went and found one. Then we went and had dinner at Chili's. We had to get up early Saturday morning to get him to the navy base in Jacksonville where he was leaving from. Once he got all checked in we hung out in the lobby for a while before he actually had to board the plane. It was the shortest few hours in my life. It was definitely one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I didn't want to let go of him because I had convinced myself if I didn't let go he wouldn't have to leave. It makes me tear up just thinking about that horrible moment!

School is going pretty well. It will be a challenging year with the students I have but I already love them so much. They are much more well behaved than the group I had last year. I just got a new student yesterday and she seems real sweet as well. I am excited to see about all the things the kids will learn and do this year. Please do keep them in your prayers because some of them are facing larger than life situations at home. It breaks my heart!

Coaching volleyball has been so much fun and I am so glad I have the opportunity to do it. The girls are great and it has been a learning experience each step of the way. It keeps me super busy which is good right now for me. It will keep me busy enough to where I won't think too much about how far away my husband is. The girls have played well and have already improved so much. They have done pretty well. We have beaten teams we should have beaten for the most part. We had a close one last week I think they could have pulled out but they did well. Coaching is definitely the next best thing to getting out there and playing again. It is a totally different kind of rush though when you see the girls do what you know they are capable of doing. It is a lot of fun!

Jonathan is doing well. He misses home and just like anybody else looks forward to his days off when he can relax and rest. He doesn't always have the same days off though. Last week he had Saturday off and it was great because I could talk to him a lot. This week he doesn't have today or Sunday off so that stinks! He does get to call me most every night but it isn't always for very long. I miss him like crazy. I have good days and bad days but God has already been really faithful in giving me strength to get me through each day with a purpose. I appreciate everybody's thoughts and prayers though.

Here are the pictures I promised...