Saturday, January 22, 2011

Took a Fall

Haha, as I sit down to update this, poor little Cash just fell off the couch! Haha! Sorry, I guess it was that huge gust of air that just came through that just knocked him clear off the couch! ;)

*January 16th~ Cheese biscuits anyone? YUMMM! I have been meaning to try out this recipe I have for cheese biscuits that are like the ones at Red Lobster. I have to pat myself on the back here a little bit- they were pretty darn close. Jonathan hogged all the leftovers though! :( He took the leftover biscuits with him to work that night and I never saw them again! Guess I need to whip up another batch. Jonathan informed me after these were made that these would be included in his IDEAL MEAL! Basically his dream meal. In case you are wondering other things that have been put in the ideal meal hall of fame are the rice from the chicken and rice dish and cheeseburger macaroni. :)

*January 17th~ So my first online class for the spring began Monday. In the first week I have three chapters to read and a quiz on each chapter! Whoo hoo!! So my MLK holiday off work was dedicated to reading! :) Aren't I just a lucky girl!! haha. Jonathan saw me highlighting and just shook his head about how that never worked for him because he would just end up highlighting everything! Haha! Anyhow, as of today (Saturday)  I have finished chapter 1 and 2 and passed both quizzes. One more to go!
*January 18th~ So Tuesday was a special day because both Jonathan and I were off. Now, he is still on his strange sleep schedule so it doesn't mean quite as much time together as past days off but it was still a nice treat. We hung out as much as we could watching movies, being our goofy selves, and just enjoying the company in general! Jonathan was rocking my 2011 shades. I love this man!!
 *January 19th~ So back to work for me after a few days off and this is what I cam home to. It was a long day filled with semi-stressful situations, not to be confused with full blown stressful situations- not that serious people! Anyhow I had to stay later than usual because I was having difficulty closing up and could not get in touch with anyone for about 30 minutes! ARGH! Anyhow, My sweet hubby helped calm me down and make me feel a little better, along with with my good friend Tylenol! :)

*January 20th~ So this was in the wee hours of the morning for me but this is the time babe is up when he is off. Well my dear sweet love decided to put some more food in Cash's bowl for him. Cash usually stays in the bathroom overnight so all of his food and water is in the bathroom. We have a plastic container for his dog food that you can see in the background of this picture that slides very nicely into the bottom of the bathroom closet shelf. You do not really have to pull it out to get some out but Jonathan thought you did so he slid the container out some after getting a scoop and before he could even finish turning around was met with the sound of puppy food crashing to the floor! Haha. Jonathan made sure to note the next day that this was AFTER he has cleaned up some already! Hahaha!

*January 21st~ So Friday was my first solo adventure. I had to drive to Heidelberg for a training course for work. It is not too far, about 20-30 minutes. One of my co-workers was sweet enough to lend me her GPS and I was eternally grateful because it definitely put me at ease. Anyhow, while on our lunch break I drove out to get lunch and found myself across from one of the largest playgrounds ever with the most tunnels EVER!! This is one of those times where you think, "Man, where were these when I was a kid?!?!"

Anyhow, not much else going on our end. I got the invite to my sweet nephew's one year old party the other day and am soooo sad I am going to miss it!! I REALLY wish I could go but will not have enough time earned off yet for work. I feel like I do not even know my sweet Sam because he has grown and changed so much!! Just one of those things I will have to get through I guess.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Bees Making Honey

Well I just completed my first week of work and with Jonathan working at night things have been nutty in the Rupard household. We are rarely home together and the majority of the time that we are is spent with one or both of us sleeping. This schedule will take some getting used to! Anyhow, I have so far been faithful about taking my pictures so let the 365 blog continue!

*January 10th~ Jonathan finally got batteries for his remote to his helicopter and was flying it around tonight. Cash found this quite confusing at first, and just ran around after it until he finally concluded somewhere in that canine mind of his that this helicopter was not welcome and began barking furiously at the helicopter! Jonathan was trying to get him to stop barking because it was late and I was so busy laughing at the entire scene that I certainly was not helping the situation! Haha!

*January 11th~ Bacon is a staple at our house, extra crispy bacon that is! Jonathan and I both love extra crispy bacon and go through bacon quite quickly! This morning I got up a little earlier before going into work so I could make some bacon and fold clothes simultaneously! It was quite impressive in case you were wondering!

*January 12th~ As I mentioned earlier Jonathan and I have basically been on separate schedules this week and will be for a little while now. As a result the message board on the fridge has become our best friend because it is our main means of communication. We leave each other messages about things that need to be done or other important things because we started to notice that the house was getting the raw end of the deal! My sweet hubby has been so wonderful in helping keep it clean! Just so you know, I wrote this on Wednesday Jan 12th for the next day so I have not cheated yet! Haha notice the yet!
*January 13th~ This is a picture of the sweet rose my honey got me when he picked me up from work on Thursday night! He also got me dinner so that I didn't have to cook anything after getting home! It is these sweet little things that remind me how amazing my hubby is! He really does a good job of surprising me with little things every now and then!

*January 14th~ This was the result of Jonathan telling Kylie and Sammie, two kids under the age of 6 that they could color on him while we were over at the Greens house for game night! I think the neck is my favorite part!! Haha! I also like how Kylie wrote muscle on his arm where his muscle is! Needless to say he had to take a shower before going to bed!

*January 14th~ I try to keep leftovers in the fridge at all times for my hubby to take to work but I am not so great about making sure he takes them! Haha! So this was the day I cleaned out the fridge of all old leftovers or things that were not being eaten. The result was a much cleaner fridge and a sink full of tupperware!! It will certainly be nice to have a cabinet full of tupperware again! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ringing in the New Year Youth Style!

So the picture blogging continues! My sister is going to be ultra proud of me if I can keep this up for a few months, much less the whole year!!!
*Day 5~ My sweet sister remembered me talking about how I wish I had one of those neat wall art stickers to put somewhere in our house. She sweetly sent me this one for Christmas. This is the day I dedicated to putting it up and I must admit I like it very much! It not only fills a little bit of the blank wall space in our house but it also provides a nice message to laugh with the people in your life because that is how you grow closer.

*Day 6~ Jonathan had to get a new beret and one of the processes of prepping a new beret is shaving it. A process that both of us just find ridiculous, why on earth they can't just sell it already the way it is supposed to be is beyond both of us. Not to mention that after performing said process the next day this very beret was thrown away because it did not fit him properly! Oh well!

*Day 7~ Excited to be on my way to inprocess so that I could start work!! So this is me on the way last Friday to the employment office to sign papers before reporting to my first day of work! By the way I am going to totally love my job!!! I am looking forward to it very much and I will let you in on one of the best things...I do not have to get up early. My days start at 11am! Whoo-hoo! Now they do end a little later than normal work day but I kind of like knowing I will not have to give up my sleeping until 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning!

*Day 8~ So on my second day of work the youth center was having their new years party for the year 2011! These are my super cool shades that Jim tried to steal later but I refused to let that happen. We had a lot of finger foods, loud music, and awesome kids there! I also got to meet more of the staff since more people were there for the party Saturday. Like I said, I think I will like my job!!!

*Day 9~ So, Jonathan is on long night shifts right now and therefore I am left at home alone on my Sunday night. I decided to indulge myself in my Gilmore Girls since I can enjoy without torturing my dear sweet hubby with it! I love the Gilmore Girls show and every now and then pull out the disc to watch a few episodes, always in order! I remember where I left off! I am now currently on season three! I am not quite sure what I will do once I get done with Gilmore Girls!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's...365 in a new way

Well I wanted to throw my hat at the whole project 365 thing but in a new kind of way, blog style! I plan on trying to take a picture everyday this year and in turn upload those pictures to my blog and write about them as a way of keeping the short list of people that read this thing up to date with the happenings of our life here in Germany. So that being said the 365 Blog begins!

*Day One- New Year's was brought in with some friends of ours and some new friends here on base. We had a great time playing The Game of Things! If you have never played this game find someone who has it and go play it! You will laugh so hard and it is a perfect game to have around for game night with friends. We also had the traditional party hats, party horns, balloons, sparklers, etc. We ventured out on to the balcony to watch some of the many fireworks going on, I am pretty sure there were fireworks going off in every direction you look!

*Day Two- Baby has not been feeling well lately but this goes to show you even when he is not feeling well he is still his same goofy self! The day after new years was spent recovering from staying up late. We were able to get up by lunch time and spent part of the evening with Jim and Chrystal at their house playing cards and munching on good food.

*Day Three- Our wall of cards, pictures, letters, etc that have been sent our way continues to grow and I love that I have a wall in my house to remind me of all the love we have in our lives. If you do not see a picture or card that you have sent, it either has not gotten here yet or is on the fridge. We are so thankful for all the reminders from back home! I am looking forward to seeing the wall be over taken with things! ;)

*Day Four- Yes, this is a toy helicopter. Our Christmas package from Jonathan's dad arrived today and this toy helicopter was in there for my grown husband! Boys and their toys! What can you do! Thank you for the cute scarves, hats, and gloves on my end. I have to admit it has been kind of fun to be away for Christmas because Christmas lasted longer for us! People sent packages at different times so it was so much fun! Not to mention that getting packages is fun in and of itself!!