Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Been a While

Sorry, I have been pretty slack about updating my blog here! My sincerest apologies to everyone, aka my sister and mom! :) Well this weekend will be a very busy one! Friday, tomorrow, I have to leave right after work to go to Loganville for the rehearsal dinner for Jonathan's dad. Saturday morning and afternoon I will be at a coaching clinic in Atlanta for volleyball next year. I have to leave slightly early from that to leave for Tim and Karen's wedding back in Loganville. Then on Sunday I will hopefully get a chance to see my mom for a day late celebration of her birthday. Sunday night Dilyn will be moving some of her stuff in because she is going to stay with me while she takes summer classes at Emmanuel. YAY!

I got to talk to Jonathan a good bit last Sunday which my mom will probably not be too happy about once she gets the cell phone bill but hopefully she will understand under the circumstances. I miss him so much. I have 35 more days until I get to see him! I am sooo excited about June 4th! I am so proud of him because he is doing so well! I wish I could just see him though!! I love him so much!! Well, I got to get ready for bed! Night!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wow what a week

Well, it is not time for to get ready for church yet but I am wide awake, I figured I would take this time to update on my week.

I have been on Spring Break all week so I have been running around getting all kinds of stuff done. I babysat my nephew Jack Saturday night which was a lot of fun. I was also scheduled to babysit Jack Tuesday so I just hung out with Laura and Josh at their house until Tuesday. We went to church and I helped Laura keep the nursery. Sunday afternoon Laura had a couple of things to do in Commerce so made a trip to the outlets where I finally found a Easter dress for today! Monday Laura, Jack, and I hung out at the house that morning. Laura and Josh are talking about finishing their basement and Jonathan's dad, Tim, might do that for them so he came up with his dad, Papaw as I call him, and talked with them for a little while. I had to go my apartment and do a couple things that day and had a letter from Jonathan. :) Josh's dad, Travis, came Monday night to go with Josh and Laura Tuesday. We all went to Longhorn's and laughed as we bribed Jack with coke to say please!

Josh, Laura, Travis, and another friend of theirs left early Tuesday to go to the practice round of the masters. I kept Jack most of the day. He did great until around 5ish when he got sick! He was so pitiful. I think it was just a stomach bug, but bless his heart he couldn't keep anything down. I was naturally freaking out! But he was okay after a little while and did better after he slept a little bit.

Wednesday, once back in Athens at mom and dad's, I went to pick up my engagement ring that has been being sized! It is nice to finally have it again! My finger does not feel so lonely! Thursday my sister had a dentist appointment so she and Jack came with us to try on dresses at David's Bridal. I found my perfect dress for pretty cheap too! I was quite proud of myself. I also picked out the bridesmaid dresses. We met up with dad for lunch and then headed out to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where my matron of honor, Laura, was a huge help in helpig me register for everything we would need and more! We discovered I have an addiction for all things green and brown though! lol. I am going to the meeting for an intervention next week! ;)

Friday morning mom and I kept Jack for a little while and then went to lunch with Laura before tey headed back home to rest before they went to the Braves game. Then mom and I headed to Macy's and picked out all of my fine china, stemware, flatware, etc. We rewarded ourselves with a cookie and then headed home.

Saturday I decided to go spend some time with Jonathan's dad and sister. So I drove up to Karen's new house and met them there. Karen and Tim are getting married early May so we went to David's Bridal in Buford and got the dresses for Abbygale, Kaitlyn, and Ashley. It was really crowded in there of course on a Saturday and it was a lot of fun to people watch! :) Anyhow, we then went to this play called Crossroads that a church in Loganville puts on every year. It was outside, brrrr! I made Abbygale sit in my lap to keep my legs warm. Anyhow, it lasted until pretty late and we had missed dinner due to trying to get there on time so we all piled over to the nearest Waffle House and got a bite to eat before I headed back here to Athens. It was a lot harder being with all of them than I thought it would be, but it was good!

I am REALLY hoping I get to talk to Jon today!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

December 12th

So an official date has been set! December 12th! Only about 250 days to go! It has made Jonathan being gone a little bit easier because I have something really exciting to look forward to when he does get home! I did get to talk to him very briefly last night and fill him in on the few wedding details! He is very excited! My theory is he planned this whole thing so he didn't have to be involved with all the wedding stuff grooms try to get out of but their brides never let them. He a sneaky man! lol. Jk! I know he would be here in a heartbeat if he could. I miss him so much but finally got my first letter from him on Monday. I am actually really exciting about writing him letters. I mean even my sister still loves to get the mail! ;) Just imagine how exciting when it is a heart felt letter from your future husband!

I am already so excited about getting everything started! My mom, my sister, and I are going to try to go dress shopping next Friday. My mom is going to help me get my registry started next week while I am on Spring Break. I am afraid the people are going to think I am delusional if I don't get my engagement ring back before we go. I am going to walk in to register for wedding gifts sans my fiance and my engagement ring? Haha! The whole idea makes me laugh! Hopefully I will get my ring back next week! My finger is tired of being without it!