Tuesday, December 9, 2014

That 4 Letter Word

L-O-V-E. Four letters. Two vowels. Two consonants. Four letters make up a word in the english language that means more than words of much greater size. Yet, it is a word that gets thrown around by all too many for all the wrong reasons. All too often, people only attribute love to romantic relationships. This is a way to lose out on all the love people around you have to give.

I LOVE my son! I LOVE my family. I LOVE my friends. I have some beautiful and cherished people in my life who I would go above and beyond the moon for if they asked me to, and even if they didn't ask!

But lately, the Lord has been pulling at my heart to dig deep and find out more about what the Scripture says about his LOVE. There are things I know in my head. For instance, I know that the Lord has an unconditional love for me. I know that His love is greater than any other love. But are those things I truly let seep into the corners of my heart. Do I just know those things or do I feel them and live them? So I am going to be attempting to make my quiet time with Him more focused on reading what the Scripture says about his love.

Love is a complex thing and I am blessed to have a lot of love in my life. One of my friends whom I love dearly is going through a rough time and my love for her compels me to reach out to her any way I can. It compels me to ask you to pray for her so that she may be lifted up in His strength and wisdom!

It is hard to imagine the Lord loving my son more than I do- but He does! He loves me the same way! He loves my sweet friend more than anyone and I just want to have the Scriptural knowledge I need to be able to show the people in my life exactly what our road map says about His love.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's the Moments

I have grown quite accustomed to the way my daily life goes. I wake up no later than 6:30 a.m. Sometimes that time comes earlier. Sometimes I get up earlier because there is a little voice coming through the monitor that needs me. Sometimes I get up earlier because my mind simply can't or won't sleep any longer.

This morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 6:30, pleasantly surprised that my mind and my little boy had both stayed asleep! I reached for my phone and turned the alarm off and did what I typically do in the morning, I look at the daily verse on the Bible app and then I look at instagram and facebook. This particular morning there was a video someone had shared on facebook and it was one I knew I shouldn't click on but I did anyways.

After watching the video clip that was filled with emotions of joy and happiness, I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I didn't even realize it but I knew why it was there. Unfortunately, it wasn't because I was so overwhelmed with happiness for these people I didn't even know. It was because I didn't get that moment. It was because I can never change the memory of how that moment went for me. I can never get that moment back. It will never be a moment filled with joy and happiness in my past. It was a moment filled with hurt, confusion, anger, and pain.

I never should have watched that video of a wife telling her husband they were expecting a little baby. I never should have watched as he got so excited that he cried tears of joy. I knew better, but I watched it anyways. I watched a video of what I had hoped that moment would have been like for me and cried a solitary tear when I was reminded I can't change the fact that it was not like that at all.

I don't think about the past because it doesn't help anything and it surely doesn't resolve anything. But there are moments when something hits me and I can't help but wish for different memories.

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Journey

Time to dust off that old e-mail from over a year ago, figuratively speaking. Literally, I will be digging through e-mails of over a year ago when my attorney emailed me a copy of the divorce papers and agreement I signed with my ex.

I thought I had all the time in the world to enjoy life with my little one. Do fun things with him, get to experience the first times for so much more. My ex is coming home, for good. I am still not completely sure how I feel about it all. He is coming home with his fiance. Believe it or not, that is not the part that bugs or bothers me in the least. I am genuinely happy that he will get to be a part of Ian's life the way I know he has wanted to be all along.

The hardest part for me will be the changes that occur in the coming months. I have but a few weeks left to enjoy my little boy to myself before it is the legally binding, and right, thing to do to share him with his dad. I feel like a little kid who is merrily playing with their favorite toy only to have it stripped away at a moments notice and told to share. It is appropriate that I feel like a little kid because I am fully aware that I sound like one!

It is something I promise I am working on. I know it is important for him to develop and have a relationship with his dad. I don't harbor any kind of ill will towards him by any means. I just hate that it means I lose time. In order for him to gain time, I must lose time.

It is hard and I struggle with wondering what first experiences I might miss out on. What holidays am I going to miss with him in the future? Then there is that little whisper that comes up and says, "It isn't fair that I will lose time with him because of the actions of someone else!" That is one of those times that I have to go through the forgiveness process all over again. I have to remind myself that even though I wasn't directly responsible for where I am today- I made choices that helped put me here. While some of those choices are ones I wouldn't make again in hindsight: I gained a wonderful little boy to love and cherish.

It will be quite the change but it is one I know I will adjust to because frankly, there is no other option. I just pray for peace and strength in the moments that my sinful selfishness tries to take hold. I pray that good things are to come from this and that God helps me fill my calendar every other weekend so I don't go crazy!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


 This little booger has been feeling a little icky, turns out he has an ear infection. A little medicine and three hour nap did wonders for him yesterday! Praying he continues to feel better!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Unknown

It is really scary when you don't know what is around the next corner. It is easy to mentally plan out in our minds how we think life should be or what we think it will look like until a curve ball comes our way!

Just when you get comfortable, that is usually when things get all shaken up again.

I am desperately trying to remind myself that God is in control and He knows what is up ahead. As long as He knows and I trust in Him- He will equip me for whatever lies ahead. Father, please allow your strength to flow through my body so that I will be more than ready for and twist and turns!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Don't Blink!

My baby is becoming a boy and I love and dread it all at the same time! I feel like I have done a good job of cherishing each stage. When he was a newborn- I cherished the way I could hold him for hours. When he was an infant I cherished his smiles, laughs, and coos. When he was mobile, I cherished watching him explore and discover things for the first time. When he turned one, I cherished watching him run and play. Now that is a year and half- I cherish his love for ball and try to play with him as much as possible. I cherish the way when he gets up in the morning, he still wants to snuggle with his blanket a little longer. I cherish the way when he is tired prepare for a major melt down over the simplest of things, but also prepare for the way he will want you to pick him up and snuggle him.

The hardest thing sometimes about being a single mom and not knowing what the future holds is not knowing if I will get to love another little one of my own. I save most of his clothes in hopes that I will but I don't know if I ever will and I know with time- I will feel down right silly for holding on to things that I hope I get to use again. Even now, when I go to put away his clothes- I am more picky about what I save. I evaluate how many times he wore it and whether it fit him well or was true to its size. I know eventually, I will probably go through all those old clothes again and do the same thing to clear space.

I know it is silly. I know there are things I would keep regardless of whether or not a future little one would ever be a possibility. It is silly to think about but I am having a hard time with not knowing if he is the first and last. If he is, I am perfectly content with that. God has blessed me beyond measure with this little life and I pray God continues to give me the strength to raise him the way He needs me to raise him. But there is a vast difference between choosing for it to be your last and not knowing. So I cling to moments not knowing if I will ever go through the stages with another. He would be such a great big brother. I don't know if he will ever get that chance. If he doesn't, I am sure he will find some little brothers and sisters to "borrow" from time to time. In fact, he would probably prefer it that way! ;)

I am so thankful for the role God has given me, I can only hope and pray that peace will soak every part of my being- regardless of whether or not I am a mom of 1 or many.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just a little light reading

What are you reading these days? I am in the midst of a Bible Study on Thessalonians so most of my reading revolves around that. I checked out a book from our church library a shameful amount of time ago and am looking forward to being able to read it soon, like next month maybe! ;)

It kind of makes me chuckle to think about the amount of reading I did before I became a mom. I love to read and reading a story to my little man is by far the favorite part of the bed time routine but I do remember when I used to read books that didn't rhyme.

One of my favorite Christian authors is Karen Kingsbury, but I can't tell you the last time I had the luxury of picking up one of her books. It isn't because I have no desire to, it is more due to the fact that I like to get through a book quickly. My brain is not organized enough to start a book and then slowly finish it- all the while remembering the  little details that make the story what it is. It is a luxury I am not very familiar with anymore. Maybe one day that will change- you know after that to-do list gets done! ;)

Monday, October 6, 2014

To Do list?

What does your to-do list look like? Mine doesn't look like much of anything. mainly because I am rarely organized enough to make a to-do list! Every now and then, when tasks begin piling up so does a list. So here are some things I had hoped to get accomplished this weekend:

Consignment sale shopping at the Y: hands down best place to get Ian's play clothes because who doesn't love scoring a shirt for $1!

Tumbling Toddlers: I have heard about this gym class you can take little tots to and Ian has been old enough for a while now. It is drop in and I have been trying to pencil it in for weeks.

Grocery shopping: I needed to get some basic things that seem to always slip my mind every time I am in any other kind of store.

Shoe shopping: I have had an itch to hunt for some to-die-for neutral colored shoes for a while now.

Bulletin Board: I have been meaning to decorate the bulletin board on our nursery hall for all of 3 weeks now.

So, you ready to hear what I got accomplished: consignment sale. Yep, that is it! I was genuinely excited about being able to hit up the consignment sale and intended to take Ian straight over to let him run around and play in the gym and do whatever they do at this thing! It was the first Friday that I had ample time to do so. That was until I woke up feeling like I bus ran over me! It was literally about all I could do to make it to the consignment sale. Even that trip was touch and go for a while. My extreme desire to find a bargain overruled my stomach's plea to just lay as still as possible. There were a few moments standing at the 18 month clothes rack sifting through clothes that I thought it was all over. I just knew any moment that I was going to be that woman. You know, the one who hurled all over some clothes, was forced to buy said clothes, walk out in the rainy weather and put said clothes in my car where the stink would no doubt cause a cycle of incidents on the drive home (all the while pouting because I didn't want to buy those clothes- they were not even that cute and some were $3!!). Luckily, I made it through and instead probably just looked like the girl that had too much to drink the night before. Either way- mom of the year award coming my way!

Anyhow, needless to say, I didn't think I could handle a toddler jumping all around and what not- especially since you are required to walk your child through whatever hoops they are to jump through. So sadly, that got postponed- again! At least my child is not old enough to know about the fun thing he would have been doing had mom not felt like the walking dead. Praise the Lord for my easy going little dude who was content to play and watch the evil one eyed monster upstairs while mom laid on the couch and tried not to move.

By the late afternoon, I was starting to feel a wee bit better. I was able to at the very least engage in what Ian was doing and spend some time with him, rather than just existed on the couch. That evening was the Homecoming football game at my alma mater and I knew I wanted to go. So feeling a little better gave me the extra push to get out of my sweats and put on some presentable clothes and head to the game. Ian had a blast, he always does. He loves ball games. He danced and ran around and actually sat surprisingly still for some of the game. I got to see some old classmates and introduce them to Ian. I can only hope his cuteness made up for my lack luster appearance!

Saturday was dedicated to college football. I opted out of going to the game and instead stayed home to watch it and other games that were on tv. It was a crazy day in college football Saturday and I was glad I opted to stay home so I could witness some of the madness.

Sunday was church, baby shower, and church again. So with the majority of my list theoretically unchecked, it is probably a good thing I never wrote it down. :) Not I get to go to the store on my way home from picking up Ian. Maybe, just maybe some of that other stuff will get done.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Snips, snails, and puppy dog tails?

The old saying says that is what little boys are made of. You are officially a year and a half old today. 18 months have flown by and crawled all at the same time. You are learning new words and phrases every single day. My favorite so far is this past week when I got you to say, "You got it dude" which of course sounds unbearably cute coming from your mouth, "Got it doo." Everyday my heart seems to burst at the seams and I just don't know how but I manage to love you more and more each passing moment. But I have to tell you that the saying is not true- you are not made of those things up above.

You are created by God the most high and He loves that you cherish His creation. You love to be outside and whether we are playing ball, planting, or just walking around the yard- you are one happy guy. It probably doesn't hurt that you get to check out planes that fly over and trucks that drive by.

You love to read your books and even when it isn't bed time- you love to pull out your books and "read" them. I love the moments where I catch you in your room playing with your books. I pray that never changes because books will take you places your feet never will. They will water your imagination so that it can bloom into something beautiful.

You have the most infectious smile I have ever seen and you share it with anyone. You love people and love making people smile and laugh. Strangers will be a hard concept to teach you when you get bigger, but that is something I am thankful for. It is so heart warming to see the connections and relationships you have built with the people in your life.

You love taking selfies and I find that hilarious and scary at the same time. You have even started taking "pictures" with your play phone. I guess that goes to show how much I take pictures of you with my phone but please know it is because I don't want to miss a beat. I don't want to miss the silly moments or the serious ones. I want to look back and know you weren't always embarrassed by me!

You make friends easily and play with friends well. You go with the flow and have fun with just about everything. You light up when I drop you off at daycare in the morning and your two buddies come running to greet you. I am delighted that you have such good friends to play with during the day and at church. It is wonderful to see that they enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs.

You are a great helper! You love to clean. You love helping move the laundry over. You love to help close the dishwasher. You love to help clean up your toys. You even to love to get the swiffer broom and run it over the floor. I love that you love those things because I know one day they will be chores and will be no fun- but you will still help! Don't say that you weren't warned! ;)

You love to build and play ball. You are very focused when building and it is one of the few things you will be still for. You love to play ball and even watch ball on TV. I imagine you will love sports and I imagine I will be one of those crazy moms trying to balance normal life and your ball schedule. I look forward to those days with fear and anticipation. As long as you go pro and make a lot of money...;) Just kidding- as my dad would say rule #1 is to have fun! Your first sentence was "I wan ball." I think you will fit in with our family just fine with this passion of yours dear boy!

You are growing up right before my eyes and even my sister commented how much more you look like a little boy with your big boy haircut and your thinning face. You have brought me so much joy and laughter and I thank God that I have been given the beautiful blessing of being your mom! I know the next 6 months will fly by and you will grow even more and learn all kinds of new things. Just remember my sweet boy, I love you more than you could ever imagine and I am your number one fan but you are not made of silly things like snails and puppy dog tails. You are made of love and laughter and crafted by the Heavenly Father whose love for you far exceeds my own. I pray for you daily to grow and understand that love so that you will one day allow that love to take over your life! Happy 1.5 years baby boy. I didn't make you a cake but we will get a special treat this weekend! I love you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A dear friend of mine recently shared this with our Sunday School class and I absolutely love it. The sad moments of the last couple years are fewer and far between and I can truly be grateful for where I am in life. I have some gold in me that has made me more beautiful than I was before. God is that gold. He has filled the places of my heart that were left empty. When I think about that, they were meant to be filled by him in the first place.

When I was going through my separation and divorce, I honestly spent a lot of time thinking about how I would find someone else, if I would find someone else. I mean- I am a nut sometimes and now a nut with a little 18 month old attachment! I don't think like that anymore! I love my life and I love how God has filled my heart with peace and joy. I may never fully understand why everything happened the way it did but I don't have to. I honestly know that I looked over important things because I was blinded by love and I am comfortable in saying that I am glad to be in the place I am in now rather than where I used to be.

I have no idea whether or not some knight in shining armor will come along with an industrial size broom, because honestly that is what it would take, and sweep me off my feet. But I love that I truly don't care if that happens or not! I never thought I could get to this place and I just want to celebrate that arrival! I have my own goals and I am going to work towards those goals and will cherish the moments with whoever life brings- friends, family, and of course my spunky little man.

This post didn't really have much of a purpose other than to celebrate in the fact that I have reached the part of my journey where I have finally come to grips with being happy with whatever comes my way because God is in control and He hasn't failed me yet! Praise the Lord for the gold in my life!

Monday, September 15, 2014

What is 2?

Well, for one- it is one more than one! It also happens to be the number of pounds that has been taunting me the last week. I have been doing pretty good with eating a normal lunch but eating lighter at night time. And I am only 2 pounds away from my first mini goal! The only problem is I have been 2 away for 2 long! ;) 2 many 2s!!!

Anyways, I don't feel the need to be as thin as I once was because I highly doubt that will ever happen again and I could kick myself in the behind for not enjoying it while it lasted! Haha! Never the less- I do want to feel good about myself and be able to step on a scale in confidence, not fear!

We planned on going to the football game on Friday night. Lighting and rain proved to have other ideas so after attempting to wait it out- we eventually decided a dinner trip to The Varsity was a better plan! Confession: this didn't help in the attempt at those 2! Anyway, Ian has never been to the Varsity so it was fun to take him on his first trip and he had fun. He had a hotdog, fries, and of course some of my FO! He also discovered that he likes to dip. He tried ketchup and was a fan! Although, more often than not he was just eating the ketchup off the fry and then dipping again! Goofball!

I also finally got a chance to pick up some more art work for his big boy wall! Took down his little baby animals that go with his baby bedding. One step closer to being a big boy's room. No tears, no tears! I was excited when I discovered these gems for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. LOVE that place!

Ian's new favorite past time is feeding the dogs their breakfast. I love that he is interacting with them more and more. Now, if I could only get him to stop laying right on top of Trooper! Poor thing, he is true to his name though- he is a trooper and puts up with Ian's overwhelming love!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pink Pits

This was another weekend that made me grateful for the normalcy of the work week! We hit the ground running and we didn't stop until Sunday afternoon. Here is my weekend in a glance.

-Friday we stole my younger nephew from my sister for the day. We started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel where Ian proved to still be terrified of the singing and dancing skeleton. Halloween should be REAL interesting if he is afraid of that. Of course, the night we took him to a Braves game happened to be Zombie night and that didn't seem to cause any tears. Maybe it is just the fact that the skeleton is so skinny that terrifies him...I shall use that as my excuse to not lose too much weight! I mean, I don't want my son to be terrified of me! ;) The rest of the day we ran errands and then headed home. After a nap in his second bed (more on that another day) Ian joined his cousin for a swim.

-Saturday took the cake- but which one, not sure! The morning started with my sister, dad, and myself going to run a 5k nearby. This was my first 5k and due to being a single mommy and not wanting to lose all my spare time with my kid...I had not trained very efficiently. Turned out it didn't really matter. haha. The first half of the race was a trail through the woods with oh about 2 feet in space! Even if you wanted to pass the people walking...there was not really a way to do so. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it (remember no scary skeleton)! Oh did I mention this was one of those races where they throw color powder all over you. Yea, that was fun- until I remembered that I had two weddings to go to later and had to start mentally racking my brain for what dresses I owned that would cover my pink pits! Oh yea, my arm pits were bright neon pink! I scrubbed profusely but that pink was there to stay!

So after finding the one dress in my closet that covered most of the pinkness, which just so happened to be black. So no offense to old fashioned wedding etiquette about black and weddings, but I am pretty sure people would rather me in black that see my hot pink chest! Luckily, my dear sweet friend understood my reasoning and I don't think she held it against me. Although she hasn't called me this week! Anyone know why? ;)
I am kind of sad that I didn't get a picture of her groom's cake. It just so happened to look exactly like a basketball. Poor Ian! He kept running over and pointing, "Ball, peese." I am kind of glad we had to leave before the cutting of the cake because I don't want to confuse him about what the inside of an actual ball looks and tastes like! After a brief 15 minute break at home, we headed out for wedding #2. Did I mention we ran/walked a 5k that morning and we are still going strong at 4:30 pm!

Ian had a blast dancing and running around but seeing as how his rest time had been interrupted twice and cut short, he was spent not long after. He took a little nap before mean mommy woke him up because I certainly wasn't planning on staying up late that night because he caught a cat nap a couple hours before bed time!

-Sunday was church followed by another family reunion. Ian again slept through the first part and woke up in time to be occupied by his cousin while we cleaned up. When we got home, we all crashed. Any by all, I mean everyone except Ian who had already had a nap while we ate lunch. So while I kept dozing off on the couch, Ian kept throwing me a ball to throw him. It turned into fetch, don't judge me. I was tired and needed more rest time in between throws! Plus, he loved it! :) Glad that the weekend is over and looking forward to Gameday this coming weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Like a Death

At the beginning, it is hard. Life changes in an instant and you know it will never be the same. The tears come freely and frequently. You are in mourning. There are uncertainties, fears, and doubts. Something that once was is no longer. There are people who attempt to comfort but words only go so far when they are no suffering the same loss as you. There are a lot of lonely moments in rooms filled with people. Even people who know and love you dearly can only do so much.

It is out of your hands and beyond your control. You come to a point where your only choice is to surrender it all to God. You give it all to Him and ask Him to take care of what is left of your heart that weeps. He tenderly tells you that He has had it all along but that He needs to let go and let Him take on the full weight. You don't know what the future holds. You only know there is a piece of you missing and you long to feel whole again.

The sun rises and sets over and over again. Some days are a blur. Some days you walk around in a haze. Some days the sadness consumes you and it is all you can do to put one foot in front of the other. Then one day the sun rises and it shines a little brighter than the day before. The clouds part and you can feel the warmth of the sun for the first time in what seems like months. It seeps into every part of you and fills you with hope and strength. It is God breathing strength and life into the areas that you need it the most.

Still, days come when the clouds move in unexpectedly and rain down. You get wet for a while but you are able to survive the rainfall- all the while knowing the sun will come back and dry you off. But for a moment you get lost in the memories, the pain, and the hurt that you endured and it is like reliving the death all over again.

God is faithful, the sun comes out. You smile more. You are far stronger than you were when you first lost that piece of you. You don't look back in longing for the life you once knew before that death. You cherish the laughs and smile that life brought and thank the Lord for the good times. You begin to see the beauty that came from the ashes.

Then, one day, a friend calls and tell you there has been a death in their life. Your heart hurts for them. The clouds return and you remember the pain more clearly than ever. You comfort your friend as best you can because you know what it is like. You know those clouds well. You tell your friend that there will be sunshine again. You remember that strength you have gained and you lend a little to them. You give a shoulder, a kind word, a funny little joke to get a smile, and an umbrella for them to hold. It makes you the tiniest bit thankful for the death you experienced so that you could be an understanding ear in their time of loss.

Death is not easy, but this type of death can sometimes be harder. It is easier to console yourself when the person you love doesn't have a choice on their departure. It is much harder when they choose to leave your life. It is much harder when they leave for what you can only think of as something they value more. It is a death but not a traditional one. It is not a club I longed to be a member of, I don't imagine anyone really does. Divorce is like a death, the death of a marriage. A bond has died. A tie has been severed. With a few signatures and a check, what was meant to be unbreakable is broken. It requires not just strength but forgiveness as well. A part of you is forever gone and your life is forever changed.

I pray you never experience this kind of death in your life, particularly at the hands of adultery. Pray strength and love over the people in your life that still under the early clouds of this kind of death. It takes a while to feel the warmth of the sun.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hooray for Monday!

Yes, you read that right! haha! This weekend was one of those weekend that made me look forward to the start of the week! It was just jam packed with all sorts of fun and running around that it made me long for the normalcy of a Monday! I had fun with all our stuff we had going on but I am glad to have a week to recover before the next busy weekend comes up! Friday we took a very enthusiastic one and a half year old to his first Braves game.
 He was excited to say the least. He like watching baseball on tv and knows the chop and yells, "Go Braves." So we were excited (and a little scared) to see how he would do at an actual game.
 The worst case scenario in my mind was him screaming at having to sit still for that long!
He got in for free but that also meant he had to be in one of our laps the whole time. Thankfully, we were on the end of the row and with a good amount of empty seats behind us, nobody had to climb over us!

 He was a big fan of his first ballpark dog and fries. He helped Pop with his lemonade. He stood perched in front of mema for a good little while just watching all the pregame activity and eating.
After a 6th and 7th inning nap, he woke back up full speed ahead and sat with Pop for the remainder of the game. We headed a little further down towards the field after the game for the fireworks. He didn't seem to care too much about those. He laid his head down on my shoulder and I covered his other ear so they wouldn't be too loud. All in all, the game and experience was a great one- especially since they won!

Saturday, after getting home late Friday, my dad and I woke up early for a family golf tournament. We left Mema and Ian fast asleep at home. I have not played a round of golf in two years but I did better than I thought I would. :) After golf, it was time to get ready for the first baby shower of the weekend!
 Which meant bath time for this cutie!
 Cutting the cake. So excited about sweet little E making his arrival soon!
 This little handsome man finally stood still long enough to get a picture of his cuteness!
Terri getting ready to open E's gifts!

 Sunday was our H family reunion right after church. Ian was exhausting after running around with his big cousins. He missed out on the good food, and learned later that he missed out on lunch all together (the dangers of leaving him with his Pop).
 After the reunion we heading back into the church to help with another baby shower with church friends and the same sweet little E! Little babies are so fun and we can't wait to meet this little one and love on him! Please keep little baby E in your prayers because he is currently breached. Pray God will help him turn his little body around!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Doctor Anyone?

 I am thankful that I get to be this boy's momma and he gets increasingly more independent as the days go on. Makes this little momma sad and also makes me wonder how many trips to the hospital I might have to make in the future!
 He loves monkeys. I think he thinks he is a monkey at times. He loves bananas and loves to climb EVERYTHING! He spent about 10 minutes climbing in and out of this cubby at church over and over again.
 He thinks he is one of the big boys. He loves to play big boy games like corn hole! He also followed his big friend H back there all over the playground. There are not many things that scare him...and that scares me. haha.
But at the end of the day, when this face is looking back at you...what more can you do but smile and thank the Lord that we haven't had to go to the emergency room...yet!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Snip snip

 It all started with a little baby whose hair grew too fast for his mommy to keep up with. Ever so often, his mommy was forced to try to keep him to hold still long enough to trim around the ears, neck and bangs. This little boy was much more interested in the scissors and what mommy was doing. What mommy was doing was trying to keep his cute little baby haircut as long as possible.
It all ended when it became harder and harder to trim as an amateur stylist! So the little boy's mommy took him to see his favorite Sunday School teacher and "gramma" Carol. He was very interested in how the squirt bottle worked.
 His mommy decided it was time for a big boy hair cut since his hair grew so fast. This was the last they saw of all that hair.
 The little boy did a pretty good job sitting still for Mrs. Carol. A few snacks and a cool brush to hold kept him occupied long enough for gramma Carol to snip snip all around and turn the baby into a little boy. The little boy seemed to like his new cut but was not a fan of the clippers.
The favorite part for the little boy was getting to spray mema with the squirt bottle after he got through! The mommy held it together and no tears were shred, probably helped that she knew she was off the hook for this haircut and would be from here on out! ;)

Monday, August 4, 2014


I have a busy little bee lately and haven't really been up for blogging much lately! I still don't have a whole to update so here are some favorite pictures as of recent!

Working boy!


Making some important phone calls

My little froggy

Handsome as ever

Pop and Ian going for a swim

Catching up with this gem at National Conference
Celebrating big brother's birthday

Getting some Emma cuddle time

While Ian decides to swim in his clothes!

Rocking the beads we collected at the parade at the beach!

Mommy's little model! So cute!