Thursday, June 27, 2013

Calm before the storm

This weekend is hopefully going to be a lot of fun! I am going to be staying with a friend of mine, as is Ian. My parents are flying out Saturday morning for their vacation in the west! They are starting in Seattle and traveling all over in a Mustang convertible. Haha! I hope they have loads of fun! Anyhow, we have been trying to relax some this week in preparation for our fun weekend!

Tummy time the other day didn't last long, because after about ten minutes it went from tummy time to nap time...

Bless his little heart- he was just tired!

I still can't get over how cute he is and still love taking pictures of my napping angel!

Also while he naps, I get a chance to snap a picture of these cute little shoes that I snagged the other day. These are a little smaller and tie so he doesn't kick these off quite as easily! His first pair of shoes that truly fit! Love them!

Pretty flowers to brighten up the work space.

Little man excited to go see Allison and her crew this weekend and go swimming! I am quickly coming to the conclusion that I am going to end up buying a SUV sooner than I thought. When I spent the night at my sister's house last weekend I saw how I needed more space and will for sure realize that this weekend as well. I have been looking at finally purchasing my dream car that I have wanted ever since I was in high school but I am trying to look at deals and all that so it might still be a little while. Hopefully soon though!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Can you ever relate to this? Haha! This made me laugh so hard this morning! I love it! Well I promised I would put up my sneak peek pictures from sweet boy's three month shoot:

I love them and can't wait to see the rest!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Me and my little man were looking forward to our weekend and getting his three month pictures taken by a sweet friend! So much of the week last week was spent trying to keep his finger nails cut and filed so that he wouldn't scratch himself. The picture below is from Wednesday, as you can see- he was winning that war! 

Luckily, by Friday, he didn't have any fresh scratches and the one above wasn't as noticeable. The sweet friend who took his pictures is actually a sweet gal I met through my sister. My sister is great friends with her and lives in north Ga. This meant making a trip to my sister's house. We didn't mind! After a morning at home and an afternoon of busy happenings, we headed her way.

He did great and I can't wait to see all the great pictures Meredith captured! She showed me two previews which I will post later. I know the suspense is killing you! It was fun to play with my little boy and let Meredith capture his sweet demeanor. After pictures Ian took in his first movie with his big cousins. We all went to see Monsters University. I was kind of nervous because a couple days before I was listening to the radio when they started talking about people who bring babies to movies and disturb the movie for everyone else. I was thinking, great I am going to be that person! However, Ian kicked butt! He slept through the beginning, ate in the middle, and literally sat on my lap and watched the end. My kid rocks! :) There was someone else in the theater who was THAT person for a little while. By the way, totally cute movie!!

I spent the night with my sister Friday night and Ian's first sleepover went well. He slept through the night and enjoyed having his big cousin Jack around when he woke up in the morning. After a yummy breakfast, we all headed back to mema and pop's house to swim. After lunch and swimming it was time to get ready to go to my cousin's for our annual fish fry. Sam enjoyed reading Ian's Humpty Dumpty on the dog bed while waiting  for everyone else to be ready.

Ian was passed around a good bit but he didn't seem to mind too much. Aunt Lisa got in some Ian time as well. He was having fun showing off his smile and "talking" to everyone. This was the fish fry we usually held in celebration of my Grandaddy's birthday. He would have been 93 this year. We all miss greatly but know he was celebrating on his birthday in heaven, he wasn't celebrating himself though- he was celebrating our heavenly Father!

Baby boy and I in our chevron. Boys can rock chevron too! He didn't rock it for too long because it was a little warm in the nursery so he changed into a cooler outfit. :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cutie Pie!

I couldn't pick just one to share with you...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well, as I mentioned I have an extra bag from Initials Inc that I am giving away! I posted a picture yesterday but just in case you missed it: here it is!

This bag will not have initials on it though. 

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Seriously I love this stuff, hence why I LOVE selling it! I get compliments on the above bag SO much! I love mine! I want to give you the chance to get compliments as well! So don't miss your chance!

Father's Day

Well I realized I haven't posted how our family celebrated Father's Day! Ours was more of a Father's Weekend celebration! Friday afternoon my sister and two nephews came down and we went swimming. This was only the second time that Ian had gotten in the pool but he did great! As I mentioned in a previous post my sister brought an old baby float of theirs, so he lounged around while floating with mommy! My mom got a picture on her phone so I will maybe post that later but I do not have it right now. :( Anyhow, after almost an hour, Ian was ready to get out and take a snooze. So he snoozed away in his little seat while we swam for a little while longer!

After swimming for a little while longer, it was time to get out, dry off, and head to church for the final night of VBS! We had a worship time where we sang all our favorite songs from the week before heading down to the gym for hotdogs, giant inflatables, balloon animals, popcorn, and other fun games! After a little while I went and got Ian out of the nursery and pushed him around in the stroller. He was so chill the whole time. I am seriously so lucky!

Saturday my brother and sister-in-law made the trip down to join in on the fun. There was more early afternoon swimming, lunch at one of our favorite local places followed by yummy dessert! It was shaping up to be a great summer day!

After lunch we did some more swimming. Well, most everyone did. I opted out of getting Ian back out there. We relaxed in the shade and watched. Ian was just as content to do that, as was I! 

It was the perfect afternoon of celebrating our sweet daddy, known as Pop around our place. We tease my dad since him and mom have moved to this new house that the extra detached garage is his place since he parks his truck there and has a lot of his things out there. My brother and sister-in-law got him a sign so that everyone will know whose place it is!

He also got a new towel, along with mema!

I am so absolutely blessed to have these two in my life and glad we took time to celebrate my daddy and how awesome he is! I love you daddy and Ian loves his Pop!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Visit the facebook page "Initials Inc:Emily Rupard" to learn how to enter a giveaway for this bag!


Ok, so this morning was a little too hectic to do his white onesie and sticker shot but here is one I took this morning anyway. My baby is 3 months old today!! FYI- The onesie and sticker shot will be taken later!

As you can tell from him being shirtless, it was just one of those mornings! haha! I can't believe he is 3 months old! It seems like just a couple weeks ago I was amazed that he was 3 WEEKS old!! This little guy is a trooper for sure! He is a great little guy- no doubt! 

He is sleeping through the night. He is still not a fan of the crib but he has a little hammock sling that he sleeps in safely at night all swaddled up. He always makes me giggle in the mornings when I change his diaper. As soon as I undo the velcro on his swaddle he throws his arms up in the air as if to say, "I am free!!" 

He still scratches his face a lot despite the fact that I try my best to keep his nails cut and filed! It is going to make his 3 month old pictures in a few days interesting if he doesn't leave his face alone!!

He loves to "talk" to anyone who will listen and even more when you talk back. I love driving down the road and turning off the radio and listening to him "talk." 

I have gotten a few laughs out of him but for the most part he just smiles real big at you. His eyes just light up when he smiles and it is something I will forever cherish. I love picking him up in the afternoon and seeing him smile when he sees me, melts my heart! 

He is an eating you can tell! He is putting down 5 ounces most times and at night in the morning he puts away 6 ounces. He is still in the correct size clothing so not too pudgy...just the right amount! We haven't broken into the 3-6 month clothes yet. We are still in 3 months for the most part. Still wearing a few 0-3 months outfits. 

He loves to face outwards so he can see what is going on.

He likes to swing, most days! If he is not too tired. This morning he was a little too tired but because mommy needed to shower, he ended up crying himself to sleep in the swing by the time mommy got out of the shower. :)

He still likes playing on his play mat and is gradually becoming acquainted with the fact that mommy is going to put him on his tummy for at least a little while each day. He doesn't hate it so much but he does "talk" pretty much the whole time and it does make me wonder what he is saying!

He is getting so used to baths and not crying anymore that we have ventured into the pool a few times. Twice this past weekend with his cousins and aunt. His sweet aunt brought the old baby float his cousins used when they were young. He lounged around and floated with mommy for quite a while before finally succumbing and taking a nap while the rest of us kept swimming.

He still doesn't keep much on his feet these days but he does have some super cute shoes I have been able to keep on him for short periods of time. It is the small victories that you must celebrate the most, right? You would celebrate too if you got to see these cute little shoes!

He still tolerates me dressing him up on Sundays and taking a picture, he doesn't always smile for me. I couldn't get a smile out of him this past week because he was too busy wondering when I was going to give him his bottle!

He is still very much the light of his mommy's life and I am loving every minute of this sweet little guy's life and doing my best to cherish every moment because I know I will look back and say three years old...he is supposed to still be 3 months!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ok, so after the somber update...time to get back to normal posts! I saw this little picture on pinterest and thought that describes me pretty well right now!

Well, I promised an update on why my week was a little hectic last week, not that this week has really calmed down any. Anyhow, on my way to take my little one to his sitter for the day I got a flat tire. I know what you are thinking, not that big of a deal. Well- it is when you don't have a spare! :( The last time my car got a flat my spare was destroyed in the process. While I had been in the process of acquiring a spare, granted not with grand fervor, I had yet to acquire one. So, luckily I was able to pull over onto some property owned by some people we knew. I called my mom to come pick me and little one up. We took Ian to the sitter then proceeded to mom's office where I was supposed to be going anyhow, to get a cavity filled. YAY! : / So, after that I drove mom's car to work and proceeded trying to locate somewhere that had a spare tire I could purchase. I really wanted to avoid getting the car towed, buying a new tire, AND still buying a spare tire. I was utterly delighted when I found a salvage yard that said they could have one for me the next day. We called the people who own the property where my car was and let them know, and they were great about it! Unfortunately, the person I talked to on the phone on Tuesday at the salvage yard was not the person I talked to Wednesday when I called to check. That second guy was particularly rude and muttered many empty promises of calling me back when he found out. When Thursday morning rolled around and the spare tire, "had somehow not made it on the truck to be delivered." I gave up on his empty promises and had it towed. I needed my car back! So while the guys at Tires Plus were awesome, I meant to tell them never to recommend anyone to that salvage yard! He told me last Wednesday morning he would call me when it got there, a week later- do you think he has called me? NOPE! I hate that I still need a spare tire and honestly hope that I can find one elsewhere so I do not have to give them my business out of necessity. Oh the dilemma of pride over necessity! :)

So anyhow, that made last week a little crazy. I do not have a whole lot of pictures to update because of the craziness and this week has been no different due to Vacation Bible School. I basically am leaving from work (at the church), pick up Ian, and go back to the church for VBS until almost 9:30 every night this week. My sweet boy is used to being either asleep in bed or almost there by that time so I think it has been a little taxing on him! This morning I was able to let him sleep a little longer and he did. Poor thing. But anyhow, here are a few updated pictures to get you through!

Mesmerized again by the phone!

My first polo outfit!

Warming up after a bath!

My other polo shirt, before church!

Pop provides a nice resting place!

At the doctor making sure my cough was nothing to cause concern!

In my cute pajamas!

I know, side ways- but it is totally worth the head tilt to look at...he is so cute!