Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweet presents

I absolutely LOVE being a mommy to a little boy. I love that I am the apple of his eye and will cherish that for as long as it lasts. Humor me by not reminding me that it doesn't last long. I love that he enjoys playing outside so much that when I take him to put away his outside toys in order to go inside, he screams bloody murder (although he does get scolded for this). I love that he is all boy. He finds simple things to play with and will play with them far longer than any toy he owns. Last night he spent almost an hour playing with his Easter basket. I got a glimpse into my future trips to the emergency room as he walked all around the living room with the basket on his head. I also love that already he is enamored with little things like rocks and sticks. He often finds them outside and turns to give them to me to show me what he has found. It is these little things that make me smile and love every minute of raising a little boy!

My mulch bark present from yesterday as he went back to playing golf. And yes- he uses both clubs because one just won't do (good thing there is not three because I am pretty sure that would cause a dilemma since I am sure he would want to use that one at the same time too).

Monday, April 28, 2014

Making Monday Marvelous

I try to do my best to kick start my weekdays with positive thoughts rather than the typical I hate Monday saga. I mean really- it doesn't keep Mondays from coming...so might as well make the best of them. I re-started my jogging efforts this morning. I am hoping to make it stick this time. I have registered for my first 5k in late August with my dad and sister. I am hoping this will keep me accountable in making me get up early and get it done!

A few weeks ago I traveled to my sister's neck of the woods and had Ian's pictures taken by a dear friend of my sister who I now claim as my own friend! I have only seen a few previews but every time I look at them- I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am and can't wait to see the rest. Here are my previews thus far, courtesy of MB Shaw Photography!

Now tell me that sweetness doesn't make your Monday better?!?! P.S.- If you do tell me it doesn't make it better I will openly call you a liar! ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Risen Indeed!

Had an absolutely wonderful Easter Sunday worshiping with my church family and eating lunch with my family afterwards. It was a gorgeous day here and I pray that you were able to enjoy it as well. I have not had time to get my pictures from my mini vacation uploaded yet so here are some from Easter morning instead!

Just going for a Sunday afternoon cruise with big cousin Jack. I love watching my sweet nephews love on my little boy. It just makes my heart soar. He has such great examples!

Getting ready to hunt eggs for the first time. This is his second Easter but seeing as how last Easter he was all of two weeks old...egg hunting was a first this year. I also use the term egg hunting loosely. I should really say egg picking up! ;)

He liked carrying his basket until he realized he needed his hands to pick up the eggs, then it was time for Mom to hold it.

It was a wonderful afternoon. I was a little worried that we would have a melt down because he only slept 20 minutes or so in the nursery through out the services on Easter. But being outside was enough to keep him happy until after egg hunting. Then he took a well deserved nap while the rest of the cousins swam in the pool that the grandparents heated for them. I am sure if he had known what was going on outside while he napped- he might have fought it a little more, but when I laid him down- he didn't even budge. He snuggled his blanket and probably thought, "Finally!"

The 'egg'citement has not worn off yet. Yesterday he got his basket, got his eggs out, and was just as happy as could be playing with his eggs. He would take them apart and clap them together. I think this is the first holiday I have really seen him participate and enjoy. Maybe it will be his favorite, which is fine with me- as long as when he gets a little older he understands it has very little to do with a bunny rabbit and eggs. Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Weekend

I am super excited about getting to use my new Initials Inc (click here) overnighter bag for the first time tonight!
How cute is it?!?! Anyhow, my college roomie, myself, and our boys are heading to the mountains for a night and hanging out in this cute little town tomorrow. She lives about an hour away so it is always a treat to hang out. Thankful for Fridays off which means I get to do cool things like this! Can't wait to post pictures! I have to head home on my lunch break in a little while and pack Ian's stuff. Yes, I am leaving today to go and have not packed his bag yet. But we didn't decide to do this until yesterday! Impromptu trips are the best! :) Super excited- and we get to go swimming. I will be interested to see how Ian does swimming now that he knows what is going on! haha. Happy Easter everyone and I hope you find a place to celebrate Easter and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why does it have to be true?

Why does it have to be so true that times sneaks up on you? I came across this picture yesterday:
I was overwhelmed with how much he has grown and changed. Not soon after coming across this I left work to go pick him up. And as he came to me as quickly as his little legs would let him I couldn't help but be sad and grateful all at the same time.

I miss just holding him for hours but if he never would have grown I never would have had the joy of watching him learn to walk.

I miss the sound of his baby cries when I gave him his first bath but if he never would have grown I would have missed the sound of his joyful laughter.

I miss the way he would wrap his tiny fingers around one of my own but if he never would have grown I would have missed the indescribable heart melting moments when he comes to me to pick him up and lays his head on my shoulder.

I miss this little newborn but he has grown into a sweet and handsome one year old who I am loving more and more...which I never thought possible! Cherish moments with little loved ones in your life. I know I will be so glad when our sweet princess Emma is born in a month so I can cherish all her newness!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting Excited!!

Baby Emma's debut is getting closer and closer! We spent the last two weekends in March showering her with lots of great goodies. This is the first little girl in the grandkids and we are absolutely tickled about spoiling her with all things pink and frilly! It will be interesting to see how these little wild boys do when a princess comes along! Here are some pictures from all our fun!
My sweet sister-in-law with all her gifts at the family shower at our house. And yes, I made the cute little Emma banner in the background. Although, I was simply executing my mother's wishes! ;)

Will Emma be able to keep up with us crazy women? Who knows? But we will sure love watching her try!!
Ian wears only his best suspenders and bow tie for little cousin Emma! Of course he also tried to steal the spotlight at the shower. We will have to work on that one. :)
Talking with Uncle John, making sure he is ready for this little lady to change his life forever! He was also telling him how excited he is to be a big cousin soon!