Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, we finally got the chance to head down to the pumpkin patch a local church had set up to pick out Ian's first pumpkin. As you can tell, he was very thrilled. He genuinely is as content as can be when he is outside. He loves being outside, but he often gets distracted looking around at everything, so a smile was not in the works for us!

 We had fun snapping pictures anyway with his pumpkin shirt on and the fun fall decor. He was really watching everybody walk around.

 These are one of the two pairs of shoes that I can usually keep on his feet. The other are plaid. Too bad all his outfits don't go with navy blue and plaid! ;)

We found the perfect pumpkin for him! He could even hold it on his own with the long stem!

Please continue to be in prayer about my friend, Eric. There has not been a great deal of change. He seems to be acting like himself for the most part and seems to do things by almost habit, so we are taking that as a good sign. He is asking about relatives that have passed on though and his family is struggling with how to act and handle everything. They do not want to upset him in any way and are just struggling to make life as normal as possible.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Miracle Monday

I am far too overwhelmed with love for a sweet family in my life to bring anything other than request to you today. I am asking that you join me in prayer that God will make this Monday a miraculous one! This family is a member of our church family and this particular man, Eric, has been like a big brother to me. He is a sweet and kind soul who is always willing to lend a hand when needed. He is a family man who enjoys spending time with his two boys and his wife. He has always offered words of encouragement when I need it and been available for a hug when you need one. I have not stopped praying for him since I learned of his condition Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, Eric was going hunting with one of his boys when he fell from the ladder. The ladder had been tampered with so that when someone put pressure on it, the weight would cause it to snap. He fell and hit his head. He does not have any physical injury but suffered a severe concussion. He woke with a severe case of amnesia. In his mind, he was 19 years old. He did not have any memory of his wife or his two boys. He has been released and is home with his wife and boys now. For now, he is in a place he does not remember. His wife says he is handling everything pretty well and has regained a few more years. I can't imagine how hard this is on his wife and boys, as well as him. I ask that you join me in praying that his entire memory will come back and make this a miraculous day for his family and himself. I know that our God is certainly capable!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wordless Thursday?

Doesn't ring as well as Wordless Wednesday but due to actual job requirements there is no time to write today like I wanted! Crazy work...getting in the way! ;) So, instead you get to be blessed with some pictures that a dear friend, Meredith took of my sweet boy for 6 months! She also took his 3 month pictures and I was not disappointed!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Frenzy

Ok so I am a whole week behind. I do so great at this and then I hit a slump! :( Anyhow, to make up for it, check out the super cute craft my little booger did yesterday! He had a little help of course but I am so proud of his first official craft project and now know why moms become hoarders because seriously, how do you ever decide what to keep and what to throw away. I think his first ever craft project is a keeper for sure!!

 It is starting to feel a lot like fall around here and that means there is a great reason to wear our cool weather Ga gear. Even though injury after injury has plagued our bulldawgs and made it very clear that this year is not the year for us...we still wear red and black!

Every time I turn around my little baby becomes more like a little boy. His hair is getting longer and longer and it makes him look older. Pretty soon I will have to snip the hair over the ears so he doesn't look too homely, because you know that would happen!! ;)

He is still an early riser and is still ready to go from the moment he wakes up. His mom is a different story. I have never been a morning person, nor do I wake up breathing fire. I always considered myself a healthy balance between those super annoying chipper morning people and those people who act like zombies until they have had their first cup of coffee. My sweet boy seems to be destined to lean towards the first more so than myself. I hear his sweet, beautiful sounds over the monitor and the first thing I do is smile...okay that is a lie. The first thing I do is feel for my phone on the night stand to see what time it is. Then I lay there and wager with myself about whether he will go back to sleep, whether he is really awake yet, or whether he is just making noises in his sleep. There is a mixture of results but you can guarantee when I do decide there is no more putting off getting out of my comfy and cozy bed that there is a smiling boy waiting for me to come and get him out of his crib. 

I found a walker I was willing to buy, aka it was not very expensive. As much as my darling little one tries to go everywhere I thought he would love it. He does like it but the missing link between like and love is that he is not quite tall enough. These toys are discriminating against my on the smaller scale boy! Hopefully he will be able to really reach enough to get himself going soon. I say that now, you guys remind me that I said that when I come back here and complain about how he is all over the place!

We have really enjoyed our weekends lately, other than the sad bulldawgs. We recently took in a local fall festival with my sister, nephews, and parents. We donned our fall shirts and enjoyed all kinds of exciting things like: ponies, corn box (yes the better alternative to sand), funnel cake, kettle korn, and more. And yes, that is my baby boy hiking up his pants! : /

Enjoying the corn box.

We also went ahead and donned our Halloween outfit. It says my first Halloween and has the cutest little Frankenstein on the bootie!

Love this little guy so.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

The weekend summary in picture form!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You Are My Sunshine!

My sunshine is getting to be such a big boy and I absolutely love watching his personality develop day in and day out. He is a very happy guy and I am so blessed. He is sitting up more and more and is trying to pull himself up to a sitting up position when he is laying down. He loves to sit and kick his feet and watch his feet!

We love looking at our flash cards of all different words. He is really babbling away now and I figured what better time than to show and tell him different words. He has said, "mama" now several times but he kind of babbles it over and over when he does say it. I am not sure whether or not he truly knows what it means but there have been times when he is in the car seat and he is sleepy and cranky that he starts babbling mama. It is so cute!

He is still a dedicated napper who needs his naps in order to function properly. He usually needs at least a morning and afternoon nap and sometimes tosses another in there somewhere for good measure!

I love seeing him notice and focus on things more now. In the morning, he likes to watch Curious George while playing when mama gets ready for work. He is an absolute blessing and there isn't a day that goes by where I do not thank the Lord above for this wonderful gift. He is sadly still battling with a cold and I am greatly looking forward to the day when he is over it for good!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Double Take

Hat buddies! Jack above, Ian below.

I love them both with their wispy hair! Jack above, Ian below.

Both have BIG smiles!! Jack above, Ian below

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thought Provoking Tuesday?

So, I am not sure thought provoking was the right choice of words, but now that I have lured you in here are some cute pictures and updates. Friday afternoon was a pretty chill day for us. A trip to Sam's where the highlight for my mom was being able to get the big bag of rolls now that she has an extra freezer in the garage. I know, hold on to your hat with all that excitement going on! After our morning out, an afternoon nap was in order. I am honestly in awe sometimes that this is the same kid that used to have be swaddled to sleep anywhere but your arms. I laid him down awake and this is the result a little while later! Now, I am still waiting for him to nap for as long as he used to when he was swaddled. Nap time has been cut in half since we started doing things this way, but maybe he will figure it out soon! Or maybe I will continue to run around during nap time wagering how much I will be able to get done before he wakes up.

Friday night we decided to take in a football game. My alma mater was playing our rival. I am very pleased to say we crushed them!! It should be somewhat sad that I still get a joy when that happens, but I am okay with it! I think it has to do with how long it took us to beat them at ANYTHING in the beginning. My senior year of volleyball on senior night was the first time we ever beat them and it was such an intense night and it was a victory not just for our team but for our school. Anyhow, beating them is a more regular occurrence and it still thrills me a little!

Saturday morning was awesome because due to me being an awesome mom and keeping my son out way past his bedtime and feeding him some cereal before bed, he slept until 7:30 a.m. This is a victory, when the usual wake up call is 6 a.m. We also had another small victory to celebrate. I discovered, upon becoming a personal chew toy, that little man's first two teeth are breaking through on the bottom. All that drool is finally paying off!

Trying to soothe those gums!

It is a rough life, that is for sure! Good thing I have my blanky!

Well, and my thumb!

We were certainly glad that the Dawgs squeaked out a win on Saturday! It was a stressful experience again but none the less a good one. I am not sure what the rest of the season hold with our players dropping like flies. We now have three starters who are out with season ending injuries! It is so sad, I hate to see that happen to guys! Hopefully the rest of the season will not deal out anymore huge blows!