Friday, September 17, 2010

Permanent Housing!!

Well folks, we are officially into permanent housing. We received our key and moved in Wednesday of this week. I will do my best to get some pictures up soon. I am already planning what colors I am going to paint and all that stuff. It will feel much more like home when the rest of our belongings get here. Other than that I finished the MOST, Mannheim Orientation Spouses Tour earlier Wednesday. I learned a little bit better how to operate the train system, the Straub. We also got the chance to visit the marketplace and found a Euro Shop, our version of the dollar store!! That place will come in handy I have a feeling. We saw some beautiful catholic churches located in Mannheim that I did get pictures of with Jonathan's camera. I, unfortuantely, do not have that with me right now! :( I am doing such an awful job of providing pictures I know! I will get better when I have internet of my own I promise!!! I hope I will anyways! ;)

Jonathan has still been going through classes and next week he goes through all his orientation stuff which I might try to come and sit in if I am not busy homing! Cash is doing good. He got super hyper this morning and just ran all over the apartment and then just crashed so I decided to take that advantage to come up to the computer room near all the offices. Still on the job hunt. I filled out a packet that might allow me to work at the day care on base here. But I also heard that the elementary school needs some help with their pre-k classes so I might go by there today and inquire about that. Hopefully, something will come up soon.

I start my first online class for my master's this coming Monday and I am excited right now. In a few weeks I may be the complete opposite but right now I am excited about it. I just hope I can get my internet at home soon so I don't have to walk all the way up here in order to get my school work done. Well, I have to try to go find a planner for my school stuff so I can stay organized. Be back soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Address and more

Well we finally got our APO address. It is as follows:
Jonathan or Emily Rupard
CMR 418 Box 333
APO AE 09058

Just try to let me know when you send anything so I know when to go check for it. Once Jonathan starts officially working he will be able to check it when he goes in but for now he does not go over there all too often.

We are still not too sure when we will be out of temporary housing. The apartment we are in right now is not that bad but I am definitely ready to make my home here and I can't do that until we are there! lol. We did manage to get by the lending office and get some pots and pans and other essential kitchen supplies on loan. Other than that there is not much more to update you on. Jonathan did manage to find the soccer team that was put together or soldiers here and they have their first game Sunday. So as you can imagine he is very excited about playing again and is loving that.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life on Base

Well, our first week has come and gone. Sadly, we discovered that we will not be able to get internet until we are in permanent housing. BOO!! Anyhow, Jonathan have gotten to explore a little bit since we have been here. Saturday we ventured to Heidelberg with some friends and their kids to explore a castle that is there. Sadly you could not go inside without paying for a guide and we decided not to do that this time to come back another time. We still got to see a lot and it was very neat. Jonathan and I decided to go back to downtown Heidelberg to check out the shopping. We saw a few familiar stores such as Claire's and a version of Forever 21. Haha. This one made Jonathan and I chuckle. So you know how over here the legal age for everything is 18 while at home it is 21. The store here is Forever 18- no joke! We thought it was funny that it got changed.

One thing we are also learning that here you can pretty much take your pets with you everywhere you go. So as a result, we decided to take Cash with us on a trip we made to the mall late Saturday. Cash seemed a little overwhelmed at first so I ended up carrying him for a little while until we got into a department store that was a little less crowded. I put him down and he seemed to be doing fine. He apparently was so comfortable in the shoe store that he decided to do some stinky business as Jonathan were occupied looking at a pair of shoes. I freaked out of course and Jonathan and I tried not to bust out laughing as he grabbed some of that tissue paper that gets stuffed in shoes and we used that to scoop it up and walk VERY swiftly out of the store. Needless to say, Cash has had his first and probably LAST visit to the mall. Well, not much time left and I need to get my financial aid figured out before my hour on the library computer runs up.