Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IG Countdown

Well, I saw a friend of mine do this recently and I wanted to look back and do it as well! So here are some of my most popular pictures from 2013. 

I agree, a very great moment in 2013! This was my sweet boy's debut on Instagram! My how he has changed my life!
Getting ready to take my angel home!
I believe this was the first of what has become a weekly routine now of taking a picture of baby boy before church every Sunday. Now, I get in trouble if I don't put one up!
One of my all time favorite shirts! Too much cuteness!! Also, loving that smile!
Showing off his smile!
Such a morning person, thankfully he has learned how to sleep a little later as of late! :)
Oh the crazy hair days. Of course, now it grows so fast that I have had to trim it back a couple times.
The best phone case EVER! haha! My nephew really likes it!
One of his 6 month shots that is still an absolute favorite!!
In his Georgia gear and proud!
Macking on the ladies!
First visit with Santa was a success!
Cheering on the Lady Dogs basketball team!
It is a ruff life! ;) Pun intended!
Meeting some friends!
Our Christmas day!
And my last Instagram photo of the year...heart melts!