Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture Blogging on Hold

I am so mad and sad to announce my picture blogging is currently on hold. My camera has decided to malfunciton the last couple of days. It no longer desires to take pictures with the flash on or on auto. The only way I can take a picture is with the flash off, which makes for a lot of crummy pictures. So until I get it figured out and fixed I am trying to use my video camera to take pictures but we will see. Hopefully everything will work out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Trying Again

Well, for the past few days I have been trying to update this darn thing and it would never finish loading my pictures so I have not been able to. I am going to try again today and hopefully have success because I know I am super far behind on my picture blogging!
*January 22~ Just wanted to share with you what one my favorite parts of my kitchen is! This is the HUGE utensil drawer!! I love this thing!! It makes me happy that I can fit all my utensils easily into this drawer and not have to dig around until I find what I am looking for. This is a treat considering my utensil drawer back home was a fourth of this size! Haha! I am going to miss this thing when we have to leave!

*January 23~ With Jonathan working at night and me working now it has been hard finding time to get together with friends which saddens us since some of our closest friends will be leaving here in June! :( So on this day we managed to sneak in some phase 10 time with Jim and Chrystal. Let me tell you it will throw your brain a little out of whack playing UNO at work and then going to playing Phase 10. I started organizing all my cards by color when we first started playing before I even realized what I was doing. I won this game by the way, I say that proudly because it had been a long time since I had won phase 10! :)

*January 24~ One my favorite things to do when I get home from work is put on my pajama pants! I was tickled on this night to find that my socks complimented my pajama pants quite nicely! :) I love funky socks and funky socks that go with comfy pajama pants is something you just can't beat!

*January 25~ This is something that will probably make my mom and sister chuckle because this always use to happen at our house growing up and my dad was usually the culprit. I came home from work hoping to quench my thirst with either some nice cold lemonade or sweet tea and found neither. What did I find? I found two empty, excluding two weak drops, jugs sitting in the fridge! So instead of being refreshed I had to make two new batches of both! Oh how silly boys can be!

*January 26~ Oh the joys of laundry. On this particular day I was confined to the dining room table for laundry because was asleep on the couch. I want you to note the blue bath mat on top of the basket in the front of the picture. This is probably the umpteenth (yes, that is a real number) time I have had to wash this mat. Our sweet little Cash just LOVES to relieve himself on this particular bath mat! We find it so endearing, insert a sarcastic tone when reading that last statement!
*January 27~ Speaking of our sweet little Cash he has learned to do something nice! When you come out the door of our stairwell there is this little grassy area to the left. Cash has learned when he just has to potty to go in this area! It makes it awful nice for us parents who do not have to walk him all the way down to the end of the building every time he needs to potty! Now we can just open the door for him and wait for him in the doorway! Such a sweet and thoughtful pup!

*January 28~ I spent the night at the Green's house so that I could watch Kylie and James the next day while Jim and Chrystal were gone. Kylie, who is in kindergarten, was sweet enough to let me sleep in her bed. I got tickled when I read the things she  had writen on her marker board. I think I like "Out James" the best seeeing as how James is not even 2 yet but should definitely be able to read that! ;) Such a sweet relationship those two have! haha

*January 29~ Speaking of my sweet James here he is cheesing on the playground. Saturday was a little warmer than usual so we ventured down a few buildings to a big playground for Kylie and James to get some energy out. He was ing me up, everytime I started to take his picture he would stop and say "cheeeeese." I love this kid! He makes it a little easier to be away from my sweet nephews because he is right between the two of them in age! I am going to miss this sweet family when they have to leave!
*January 30~ Second drawer picture of the post! Haha! This was what our pantry drawer looked like after we stocked up at the grocery store! We were particularly excited that they had oreos!! YAY! Most of the time all the oreos have been grabbed up! You will also notice a red and green box of cookies!! That's right! Scout cookies!! Whoo hoo!! They are already mostly gone, hope they are at the grocery store again the next time we go!

*January 31~ One of my favorite things about the cold weather is that my scarf collection has increased exponentially! I love it!! Maybe I won't the cold weather so much once we get home now that I have a way to still look cute! :) It is so addicting to accessorize here!! I find myself going very rarely without a scarf and often leaving it on all day!

*February 1~ Jonathan and I were sitting at home on the couch watching a movie and I kept hearing Cash whining. So I would call for him but he would not come and I thought that was just weird. I remembered going in the bedroom a few minutes before and I had shut the door behind me so I went to our bedroom to see if he was in there but did not see him. So I went back to the living room to look if we had any blankets laying out that he had burrowed away into and saw none. I was quite curious by this point. I finally went into the bathroom to find sweet Cash in the bath tub! He somehow managed to get in the bath tub all by himself but was whining because he could not get back out! I just started dying laughing and knew that this had to be the picture for this day!

*February 2~ This was day one of me staying home from work sick. I considered putting up the picture I took of what I looked like that day but decided it was probably better if I did not scare everybody! Anyhow, those of you that have been reading these know that my hubby tends to shy away form cooking due to laziness combined with lack of experience. However, my sweet hubby ventured into the kitchen and whipped up these delicious brownies all by himself for his sick honey, and himself! They were certainly yummy and I was so proud of him!