Saturday, March 6, 2010

Annual Cough Fest!

Well every year at some point in time I develop what I tease is my smokers cough. No, I don't smoke but at least once every year I get a really bad cough with a cold of some kind that makes me sound like I put a pack down everyday! ;) My cough started last night but I woke up around 4:00 this morning with a for sure fever. My head was burning up but my body was freezing. Luckily, the fever has subsided for now but I still feel extremely weak but do not really want to eat anything. I need to go to the store and get some gatorade or something but I am soo tired. I need to get up and moving around somehow because I am supposed to go up to Laura and Josh's house to celebrate Josh and mines birthday. I hope I feel a lot better by then. The sad thing is this means I need to stay away from my precious newborn nephew, Sam. :( Oh well. I did manage up the strength to take a shower so one victory accomplished.

I was planning on going to school today to get some serious planning done because this past week has been soo crazy!! We had a tennis match on Monday which we won 3-2. Of course on Tuesday we had our snow day. On Wednesday we had pictures and practice. On Thursday we had an away match at Eastside, about 2 hours away from us. They only had four courts to play on and we didn't get done until 8:30. We had to stop and get something to eat which didn't get us back to school until around 11:30 where I had to drive another 20 minutes to Royston to get in bed!! It has been an exhausting week and with tennis season in full swing there are bound to be more just like it! Well I am going to attempt my next task of going to the store and getting some gatorade to hopefully give me a little more energy!