Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have recently been diving into fun ways to make cakes and trying to be creative and learn new ways. I have a wonderful friend named Marianne who makes lovely cakes- much lovelier than any I have ever made. She helped me make fondant for my friend's baby shower cake. It turned out harder than I thought it would be to cover the cake smoothly. But here is the flower cake I made with that.

We also had our 100th day of school on Monday and I decided to try out my new cake pan which makes letters and numbers. So it was a lot of fun trying out my new pan and decorating this cake that fed all the kindergartners and a few teachers as well. 

Friday, February 24, 2012


A good friend of my husband's is coming over for dinner tonight. He is a single soldier and we love to have him over for dinner whenever we can. Since the bacon cheese chicken I made about a month or so ago got such rave reviews from my husband, it will be making a second appearance tonight. It is currently at home cooking in the crockpot- I hope. I say I hope because this morning I had just enough time to fry the bacon I needed. I left Jonathan in charge of sprinkling in the cheese and bacon once it cooled and turning the crockpot on low. I am finishing up some last minute preparations for the 100th day of school on Monday here at work. ( I know blogging is not working- but give me a break just this once!) So here is to hoping that dinner tonight is a successful re-run of the last time it was made!

Fingers Crossed

Keeping my fingers crossed on a recent development over here in Germany. I don't want to ginx it by saying what it is yet. I realized this fact about myself shows one of the many ways the army has changed me. I used to believe whole heartedly that what I wanted to come out of a situation would if I made all the right decisions and took the right steps. I guess you would have considered me an eternal optimist. Well the army does not breed eternal optimist, in fact it smothers them until then transform into a realist. Haha!

Now, do not get me wrong, I am still an eternal optimist when it comes to people. I truly believe if you treat others well and make the right choices when it comes to friends that those people will always have your back and will always make the right choice in regards to your friendship.

However, keeping this ongoing news quiet until it actually happens is one of the ways I know I have changed. I do not want to get excited and I do not want to prepare until I know for sure it is going to happen. For all you people that let their mind wander- no I am not pregnant. Thought I better go ahead and get that out of the way! :) But just keep us in your prayers that this follows through smoothly.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You color my world

I missed valentine's day with my class here in Germany while I was gone. I was awful sad about this because it was always one of my favorite school holidays. I love to watch the kids give each other valentines. I love watching them get excited to see who brought what kind of valentines. I saw an idea on beloved pinterest about making crayon hearts using a heart mold and melted crayons. I decided I wanted to try it. So a while back I ordered a heart mold online that came well before time. We also switched out the crayons in the workstation spinners not too long ago so I held on to the extra for this cause. So basically this project only cost me the cost of the mold, which will undoubtedly get used for other things. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but they turned out really cute and I proudly presented them to my students today even though I had missed actaul valentine's day!

The next big school assignment coming up: the 100th day cake!! YES!!! I am sooo excited about this one. While I was home I found a pretty cool cake pan that allows you to make any letter and number you want so I will be making a 100 cake for our 100th day of school coming up soon.

Side note: pictures and info about our homegoing are forthcoming...promise!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

So Sorry

So, I have been doing a horrible job at updating this while we were gone. We are back now and getting into the regular swing of things again. I got back to work tomorrow and Jonathan has been back at work for a couple days now. I will try to post pictures and info from our trip home soon. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers as they deal with the loss of Jonathan's grandmother.