Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Bash

Well I had promised to tell you about my bowling birthday bash a couple weeks ago. We had some wonderful friends set aside time on their Friday night to come bowl, eat pizza, and just have a good time all in honor of little ole me! :) It was so much fun to hang out and relax after a long week of unpacking and organizing as much as possible. Here are some photos from the night. Unfortunately I was too busy having fun to take a whole lot of pictures~ :)

Then a few friends came over to our messy half way packed up house to hang out. We also had some surprise visitors from Schweinfurt, the GREENS!! They ended up staying with us for the weekend which was so wonderful!! Here you can see how some people were all partied out before my birthday officially ended. The boys and their kiddos had so much fun they were zonked a little before midnight hit~ haha.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let the madness subside

Well most of the madness of moving has subsided. I have not put anything on the walls though because I am planning on painting over my spring break in about three weeks. I have not put up any pictures mainly because I want to wait for the paint and pictures to be up so that you can get the full affect. I will however show you a couple of pictures I took of the new bathroom because I will not be painting in there. I will be putting up a few pictures in there but have not gotten to it yet. So for a recap here is the before we moved in picture:
Two sinks, no closet- so slightly different from our previous place.
During, notice how previously since we had a closet- all the items in those boxes fit in the bathroom...:(
After clearing out the boxes and adding shelving for storage, also a new shower curtain.
Looking towards the hallway, this is where some artwork will go on the walls.
So that is at least one room that is pretty much done. The kitchen is also pretty much done because I will not be painting in there either. I have yet to put up pictures in there either though, mainly because Jonathan tends to do better about lining them up just right than I do. I will hopefully post soon about my birthday get together last week. It was a lot of fun. Happy birthday to my broth-in-law Josh by the way!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On Our Way!

This picture best describes how I feel about moving. It is literally picking up your house and moving it somewhere else. For me, it was particularly nerve racking because I had to entrust complete strangers to pack my things carefully and move them. If you recall, I mentioned that the last time I experienced German movers- it was certainly not the most pleasant experience. I was so nervous that I was going to have a similar or worse experience this go around. To my pleasant surprise this time was WAY better!! There were three men and they were all nice as could be. They got a kick out of my husband's rubber band ball he has been making for a while now- it is about the size of softball now. They were so sweet to the dogs. They also got a kick out of a certain straw I got from my sister a while back before I got married. Why I still have this straw I am not real sure, I guess more for laughs than anything else. Anyhow, they did a great job and I made sure to tell them that.

Now the oh so fun part begins of unpacking and re-organizing. I am about half way there. Anyhow, still no internet at home, I am at work now- and got to get back to it!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Until Further Notice...:)

Well it is early in the morning on moving day and I got some last minute things to take care of, including updating here one last time in this apartment. Kind of sad. Anyhow- we will be without internet and phone at our new place for a little while so I may be out of touch with the blog world for a bit. I wanted to leave you with some pictures of the new place- before decoration and moving of course.
dining room and kitchen

Well I thought I had more pictures that were better, but they are kind of dark because hubby took them. OH well, more to come though. Got to get back to work on my last minute prep!!

Happy moving day!!