Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break...Painting Gone Wild

Well, I am coming off my week of spring break and racing back into reality. I did not get quite as much done as I would have liked in the house. It did not help that some of the things I was planning on doing required a trip to the thrift store and they were closed the whole week of spring break. :( Not quite sure why, but whatever- I will be going back Thursday to hopefully get the last bit of things I am looking for. I did manage to get the living room mostly done which is good enough for me right now. Hoping to get a little more done this weekend. Here is living room.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I can remember as a little girl saying my prayers at night time. Sometimes my mom and dad would join me for those prayers and sometimes I said them on my own. It is funny how our concept and understanding of prayer truly changes as we grow older and learn more about what prayer is. In my Christian walk, prayer has always been somewhat of a struggle for me. I talk to God often, but I often feel convicted that I am not praying as I should be. My prayers too often start with thanks and quickly turn to the request. This is something I have been challenging myself to change this year. I have been challenging myself to pray in a way that is fervent and faithful and what I might truly say to God were He visibly standing in front of me. It helps me sometimes to write down my prayers so I can keep my train of thought, it is also nice to go back and see how my prayers have developed over the year.

So tonight, I am simply thankful for the ability to pray to the Lord whenever and wherever I would like. I think one of the most difficult things for me about leaving Georgia to come and live in Germany is leaving the "Bible belt." My home, my church, and even the school I taught in were filled with people who all believed in what I believed. It was more difficult to find someone who didn't than it ever was to find someone who did. I go to church on base here and I see familiar faces of course but none that are ever so present in my daily life. I often found myself asking God why this was so. Why would He take me from this place filled with believers and place me in an environment that was bound to be this way no matter where my locale was. If you had asked me when I was younger, or before I met my husband, if I would ever live out of the state of Georgia- I would have emphatically told you no! I never saw myself as moving away from home and I am pretty sure I was the last one my mom ever thought would as well. However, here I am- 6 time zones away from my family and my comfortable southern home. It is now more than ever that God is reminding me He has called us to this life for a reason- to be His light. There are so many times when Jonathan comes home and shares with me about people that look at us and admire us for our marriage and who we are. There is no other answer than to say God is at the center and I love that I get to show people that is what is different about our lives. We do not have to shout at people about God because they can see it in us. It shows me that this is just a small part of why we are here and I will ever be grateful for the opportunity as long as the Lord allows.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bunny Bait

I willt be including the recipe for this shortly but I am sure you can find it on pinterest, which is where I located it. I typed up a little poem to give out with the bunny bait. It is by no means the most glorious piece of writing but it rhymes so it works for me and my kindergarten class.

The bunny will surely be hopping about,

So be sure that you don’t get left out.

In order to get your scrumptious treat,

Leave this bunny bait at his furry feet.

He certainly will not resist the snack,

And a springtime treat you will not lack.

If he does happen to leave his bag,

Remains a treat for you to snag.

I added a cute little border around it but it won't let me load it- oh well.