Wednesday, September 14, 2016

T-ball for the Threenager

OK, let me start by saying I am well aware it has been ages since I have touched this blog. So anyone reading this might think, why in the world come back to it now? To be perfectly honest, it is for purely selfish reasons. Shocker!

Here's the deal, my kid is three and a half and a full blown threenager! He is down right exhausting some days and there are times that I just want to throw in the towel on the whole motherhood thing and just take my chances that he will turn out ok. Then, I am hit with mom guilt, or maybe the Holy Spirit, and am reminded that while my son is ultimately God's child- I have been entrusted to raise this wild and crazy kid. So here I am finding my outlet to tell my stories to anyone who is interested...but mainly for me and my own sanity. If you find some semblance of identity here- awesome!

Most people, aside from my immediate family, would read the above paragraph and think, "Surely she is talking about some other child!" Here's the deal- most of the time my kid rocks the socks off of other kids (absolutely no bias there). But within the confines of our home, boy does he push, pout, and test me to no end. People in this world are so cruel when they say kids go through terrible twos. I am here to clear up any confusion. If your kid glides through those 2 year old years, brace yourself for those 3s. They are not for the faint of heart.

My boy started baseball this fall. Well to be more accurate, he started some sort of form of t-ball which is really just downright comical. Anyhow, he has been very excited about it and had his first practice last Saturday morning. I played sports all my life, so I just naturally assumed I would fall right into this whole ball mom thing with such amazing grace and ease. (Insert the sound of glass shattering here) So here is more how that day went. I got up and got in the shower, got dressed, fixed my hair, etc. So far if you are following, all stuff about me so far! Humble, I know! About 15 minutes before we need to leave I start getting my son ready. He was really excited about the baseball pants so getting dressed took no time. I got him loaded up in the car and left. So far, rocking it! It was about two minutes down the road when I realized he had no water bottle. So I thought no big, a stop at Walgreens can fix that. Which would have been a great idea had we not passed the display with the little model cars on it. My little threenager insisted he be able to get one. That request was met with a firm no and that was that. Did that last part make you laugh? It should have, totally joking. This resulted in tears, whines, and pouts. That trio lasted all the way until we were pulling in the parking lot. I was driving up thinking, "Awesome, I am going to look like one of those moms who is forcing her kid to play sports." Luckily, once he realized we had arrived, not having one of those cars was no longer the end of the world. We got on the field, got his jersey put on. Practice was going great. He was stretching, running, and catching the ball. He was having a blast, which was the most important part. Then it came time to hit and this is when it all came crashing down. He was told he had to wear his ball cap under the batting helmet. My little threenager found this absolutely unacceptable. No amount of talking was going to convince him otherwise. He was literally willing to not bat instead of put that helmet over his dare you suggest such a thing?!?! Fortunately for him, his church friend is on the other team and has his own helmet that we borrowed. Fast forward to time to leave and he says, "That was such a fun day of baseball." Well glory, glad it was all sunshine and flowers for you!

So needless to say, we took a trip to the store the other day and I, well he, is now the proud owner of a t-ball bat AND his own helmet. Say what you want but that is $20 well spent to avoid meltdown city! Accepting mother of the year nominations all week! ;)

Oh, and we are for sure breaking it in before Saturday!


  1. It is so good to see you blogging!!!! I can't believe he is 3!

  2. I cracked up at "That was such a fun day of baseball!!" Too funny!!

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