Monday, October 6, 2014

To Do list?

What does your to-do list look like? Mine doesn't look like much of anything. mainly because I am rarely organized enough to make a to-do list! Every now and then, when tasks begin piling up so does a list. So here are some things I had hoped to get accomplished this weekend:

Consignment sale shopping at the Y: hands down best place to get Ian's play clothes because who doesn't love scoring a shirt for $1!

Tumbling Toddlers: I have heard about this gym class you can take little tots to and Ian has been old enough for a while now. It is drop in and I have been trying to pencil it in for weeks.

Grocery shopping: I needed to get some basic things that seem to always slip my mind every time I am in any other kind of store.

Shoe shopping: I have had an itch to hunt for some to-die-for neutral colored shoes for a while now.

Bulletin Board: I have been meaning to decorate the bulletin board on our nursery hall for all of 3 weeks now.

So, you ready to hear what I got accomplished: consignment sale. Yep, that is it! I was genuinely excited about being able to hit up the consignment sale and intended to take Ian straight over to let him run around and play in the gym and do whatever they do at this thing! It was the first Friday that I had ample time to do so. That was until I woke up feeling like I bus ran over me! It was literally about all I could do to make it to the consignment sale. Even that trip was touch and go for a while. My extreme desire to find a bargain overruled my stomach's plea to just lay as still as possible. There were a few moments standing at the 18 month clothes rack sifting through clothes that I thought it was all over. I just knew any moment that I was going to be that woman. You know, the one who hurled all over some clothes, was forced to buy said clothes, walk out in the rainy weather and put said clothes in my car where the stink would no doubt cause a cycle of incidents on the drive home (all the while pouting because I didn't want to buy those clothes- they were not even that cute and some were $3!!). Luckily, I made it through and instead probably just looked like the girl that had too much to drink the night before. Either way- mom of the year award coming my way!

Anyhow, needless to say, I didn't think I could handle a toddler jumping all around and what not- especially since you are required to walk your child through whatever hoops they are to jump through. So sadly, that got postponed- again! At least my child is not old enough to know about the fun thing he would have been doing had mom not felt like the walking dead. Praise the Lord for my easy going little dude who was content to play and watch the evil one eyed monster upstairs while mom laid on the couch and tried not to move.

By the late afternoon, I was starting to feel a wee bit better. I was able to at the very least engage in what Ian was doing and spend some time with him, rather than just existed on the couch. That evening was the Homecoming football game at my alma mater and I knew I wanted to go. So feeling a little better gave me the extra push to get out of my sweats and put on some presentable clothes and head to the game. Ian had a blast, he always does. He loves ball games. He danced and ran around and actually sat surprisingly still for some of the game. I got to see some old classmates and introduce them to Ian. I can only hope his cuteness made up for my lack luster appearance!

Saturday was dedicated to college football. I opted out of going to the game and instead stayed home to watch it and other games that were on tv. It was a crazy day in college football Saturday and I was glad I opted to stay home so I could witness some of the madness.

Sunday was church, baby shower, and church again. So with the majority of my list theoretically unchecked, it is probably a good thing I never wrote it down. :) Not I get to go to the store on my way home from picking up Ian. Maybe, just maybe some of that other stuff will get done.

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